Welcome to District 96 Toastmasters!

Yes, District 96 has been launched, Past District Governor Gene Vickers DTM, piloted the test flight soared high and came in for a successful landing. It's been a wonderful year. Gene and his team, Teresa Ferris (Lt. Governor Education and Training) and Kusayla Nathan (Lt. Governor Marketing), are to be commended for a difficult job - well done. Gene Vickers, has a long history of public service and has been the recipient of many awards in the past. Gene now can add another success to a long storied career, including the creation of a remarkable Toastmasters coin which has now been adopted by Toastmasters International.

However, we are now into year two, the torch having been passed to a new District team at the Spring Conference in Prince George B.C. Elected, effective July 1,2015, were the irrepressible Kusayla Nathan, as District Director, Kerry Deschamps, as Program Quality Director and Cheryl Hopson-Blake as Club Growth Director. Sadly Cheryl Hopson-Blake, after just 19 days on the job has tendered her resignation. A stroke has made it impossible for her to continue.We send her a heart felt thank you, and our wish for a speedy, full recovery. In view of Cheryl's resignation, we are pleased to report Lydia Burchell, has accepted an appointment to become the new District 96 Club Growth Director.

DISTRICT MASCOT Leo - Leaders Empower Others... continues to empower everyone to share, learn and have an amazing fun time together.

DISTRICT MISSION: We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

DISTRICT FOCUS: It's All About M.E. (Membership Experience) and It's All About the Base.

Membership Experience:

We encourage every one to embrace every second of your Toastmasters journey at your club/s, as we believe that the foundation for personal growth as a Toastmaster leader is, by being fully engaged at your club.

As one becomes a member of a vibrant club/s, you will realize that your attendance and participation is your 1st step towards success.

Toastmasters continues to positively impact our personal growth, while honing the amazing learning skills and experiences, meetings after meetings, for Community and Career paths too.

Toastmasters enables you to start developing and building skills, at a club level for the opportunity to take the extra mile while connecting with others, contributing new ideas and building a fabulous network of people you enjoy partnering with for success.

Prepare yourself for more leadership roles outside your home club!

Do dedicate the extra mile to connect, contribute ideas, engage, network and flourish with our Toastmasters members.

Each member will experience their competent communication and leadership expanding exponentially from the Club, Area, Division and to the District levels.

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